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Kratom King Canada is, as the name suggests, is an online vendor of Kratom in Canada. Not to be confused with Kratom King located in the US. Their site is occasionally confused with their US counterpart. So, we’re laying out the groundwork here. This review is strictly for Kratom King Canada only.

They opened in 2016 and, according to them, became Canada’s most trusted kratom vendor. To get where they are now, they searched and tried every supplier out there to source the best botanical in the world.

Is this true? Let’s both find out!

What does Kratom King Canada offer?

Kratom King Canada only sell pure, raw, unadulterated “super” micro grind kratom powder.

If you’re new to kratom, you’ll appreciate the little Mitragyna speciosa 101 on their product page. Although kratom leaves are labeled as white, green, and red, that doesn’t mean you’ll get multicolored powder. All of the powder available on the site comes in a green color.

Kratom is color-labeled according to the appearance of the vein as the leaves mature. Young leaves have white veins in them. Since they’re younger, the effect is less potent. Green is your middle ground. Not too strong, not too mild either. Red, on the other hand, is when the plant is most mature and has potent alkaloids.

As for the yellow, yes, there’s no yellow-veined kratom. Kratom King Canada uses this color to describe a blend of green and red vein kratom.

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Kratom strains

Now, for the kratom strains that they have. You can get:

  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Thai
  • Red Bali
  • Red Horn
  • White Maeng Da
  • White Thai
  • White Hulu
  • White Horn
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Jong Kong
  • Green Thai
  • Green Malay
  • Yellow Maeng Da
  • Yellow Vietnam

You can get them in three types of orders.

  • 4 Kilo ($480) – 4 kratom strains of your choice ($120 per kilo)
  • King Kilo Mixed ($209.99) – 5 kratom strains at 250g each.
  • Mixed Half Kilo ($139.99) – 2 of your chosen kratom strains at 250g each.

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What are my payment options at Kratom King Canada?

Just like Kratom Genie, Kratom King Canada only accepts Interac e-transfer for payment. Yes, this means no credit cards or Paypal. Instructions will be provided when you check out.

Want to pay via Crypto? Sure, the site will accept it, but only if there’s a problem with Interac e-transfer.

How do they ship my order?

Kratom King Canada ships your order through Canada Post. If you place your order before 10 a.m. PST, they usually ship within the same day. It can take up to 2 days if there’s a sale or event.

Do double-check your address because Canada Post charges shipping returns both ways. If you give the wrong address, there will be a $20 to $180 charge for reshipping.

Here’s a look at the shipping options and costs:

  • Canada Post Expedited shipping with Tracking ($9.99) – 1-3 days within BC, 2-7 days rest of Canada.
  • Canada Post Xpresspost shipping with tracking (2 days BC, 4 days rest of Canada):
    • $28.99 for orders under $200
    • $38.99 for orders under $300
    • $59.99 for orders over $300

Note that this price list is given by Canada Post and is subject to change according to the courier’s condition.

Once they ship out your order, it’s out of their hands when it comes to delays and emergencies.

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What do people say about Kratom King Canada?

Kratom King Canada has a 4.4 rating on Google. Note that people left their reviews here based on how the company handled their web orders.

Someone said the kratom here is good, and he got his order fast. Another said it’s got the “best customer service in the province.” He felt valued during the transaction, and the company exceeded his expectations.

One became a loyal fan. After trying many suppliers in the fast, he now chose Kratom King Canada. He said Allan was always very prompt with his concerns. Products are always fresh and consistent.

Here’s another review from a 2-year customer. She said she’s never had an issue, and her orders arrive within 3 days. Of course, the location is a determining factor on how fast you can get your order. She must be within the province, so orders arrive fast. You have to hand it to the company, though. That’s fast processing if she could get her orders within that time frame.

Here’s a review that also got our attention. This customer said he’d been a long-time customer of another soap-making supplier, until their customer service went downhill. He’s glad he’s found Kratom King Canada because of the quality of the products and the greatest customer service he’s experienced.

Of course, there are some negative reviews.

One customer made a 1-star review, saying the customer service was great at first. However, he wasn’t satisfied with the product and contacted the company. Eventually, there was no resolution to his order. The review had little context, though, and the company left a decent reply.

Another said he got the wrong product, and the company refused to do anything about it. The owner replied that they are not legally allowed to cater to the customer’s intended purpose. The lesson here is that before you order, read the site’s policy. If your purpose is not within their policy, don’t push through, or you’ll waste your hard-earned money.

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Should I buy from Kratom King Canada?

There are some good things and bad things in Kratom King Canada. The good thing is they have a variety of kratom strains to offer. If you’re niching down on your kratom research to soap making, they can be your go-to.

If you want to try out their kratom products, though, you won’t get samples. Most of their powders are available in big orders. Sure you can have 250 grams of kratom each as their smallest option. But if you don’t like it, you’ll end up with 500g of unusable kratom.

Kratom King Canada can be your choice if you’re sure about what your strains are. If you have questions, though, you can hit them up, and Allan would be more than happy to answer.

Still, proceed with caution if you plan to buy from this vendor. Be sure of the legalities in your province before you order.

Have you tried Kratom King Canada? Please share your experience in our comment section!

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