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buy kratom powders with cryptocurrencies here in Canada

You might have noticed that most (or basically, all) kratom vendors in Canada don’t support payments through credit or debit cards. Yes, they know it’s the most convenient, most secure payment method out there, and they know their buyers probably prefer card payments over any other. But it’s really not their choice to leave out the option.

Banks are conservative by nature, and the high risk atmosphere of the kratom industry practically bars them from the financial products that would allow them to take credit and debit card payments. Fortunately, most merchants have gotten creative with payment options, offering various other methods to meet their consumers where they are, and cryptocurrency is one of them.

Kratom Vendors That Accept Cryptocurrency

Although cryptocurrency isn’t technically new, it’s still not something that most vendors are familiar with. So you can expect that not all kratom vendors in Canada offer cryptocurrency as a payment option. Nonetheless, there are quite a handful of early adopters that have integrated their websites with the facilities to take such payments.

Big Bear Kratom

Offering a modest range of kratom choices, Big Bear Kratom sells all of your familiar favorites. Their range stretches across the most popular kratom varieties and color veins to give you all of your go-to’s under one, trusted kratom roof. If you’re not too sure about which strain to get, or if you want to split your order into a number of strains, they offer variety packs, beginner’s packs, and split packs.

Once you reach the tail end of the transaction, you’ll find that Big Bear Kratom offers a number of convenient payment methods. Aside from the standard Interac e-transfer option, they also provide cash on delivery and cryptocurrency payment through CoinPayments.

Kratom Earth

Selling some of the cheapest kilos around town, Kratom Earth also provides buyers a wealth of choices to satisfy every need and discriminating taste. Their wide range of kratom picks extends well into extract territory, giving buyers options that include 30:1 potency extracts that can rattle even the most seasoned kratom veterans. If you like their kratom just that much, they also offer wholesale packages at mad low prices.

Upon payment, Kratom Earth gives you the option to via Interac e-transfer or via cryptocurrency. They essentially accept all major types of cryptocurrency, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not your specific altcoin will be accommodated. Plus, because they offer a Kratom Rewards program, you can expect to get way more than you pay for when you shop from their store.

Canada Kratom Store

Looking to expand your kratom horizons? The Canada Kratom Store offers one of the most extensive kratom selections you’re likely to find in Canada. Their store stocks all of the basics — whites, reds, and greens — and a few interesting choices like yellows and prime strains. And while their picks might be more exotic than the rest, the Canada Kratom Store sells their kratom products at impressively low prices.

They accept payments through Interac e-transfer or through cryptocurrency. What’s nice about paying with Bitcoin and altcoin is that the Canada Kratom Store gives a 10% discount for the specific payment method. And it’s not just a one time discount — you can enjoy 10% off of all of your future transactions as long as you choose their cryptocurrency payment option.

Benefits of Paying with Cryptocurrency

Of course, you’re probably really accustomed to paying for online transactions with credit or debit card. But there are a number of solid reasons why you might want to consider updating your payment preferences and switching to cryptocurrency instead.

  • Security – Unlike debit and credit card payments that require the transfer of sensitive information that could put your account at risk of a breach, cryptocurrency won’t put your data at risk. This means that you can be sure that your information won’t be stored in a centralized hub where it becomes susceptible to theft.
  • Low fees – Or no fees at all. Some vendors will charge up to a 5% processing fee to cover their costs for credit and debit card payments. With cryptocurrency though, you won’t have to worry about exorbitant, added charges.
  • Incentives – Some merchants actually prefer cryptocurrency over any other form of payment because it’s easy, instant, and secure. So they’ll incentivize the payment option by offering buyers discounts, freebies, and other exciting promotions to get them to choose crypto as their payment method.

The Future is Now

When cryptocurrency first broke onto the scene, people were skeptical about its safety and legitimacy. But today, Bitcoin and altcoin are as good as cash. So if you were hoping to use your digital currency to pay for your next kratom purchase, check out these vetted vendors that have taken on the cryptocurrency trend.

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