buy kratom powders with cryptocurrencies here in Canada

Buy Kratom with Cryptocurrency in Canada

You might have noticed that most (or basically, all) kratom vendors in Canada don’t support payments through credit or debit cards. Yes, they know it’s the most convenient, most secure payment method out there, and they know their buyers probably prefer card payments over any other. But it’s really not their choice to leave out the option.

Banks are conservative by nature, and the high risk atmosphere of the kratom industry practically bars them from the financial products that would allow them to take credit and debit card payments. Fortunately, most merchants have gotten creative with payment options, offering various other methods to meet their consumers where they are, and cryptocurrency is one of them.

Kratom Vendors That Accept Cryptocurrency

Although cryptocurrency isn’t technically new, it’s still not something that most vendors are familiar with. So you can expect that not all kratom vendors in Canada offer cryptocurrency as a payment option. Nonetheless, there are quite a handful of early adopters that have integrated their websites with the facilities to take such payments.

Big Bear Kratom

Offering a modest range of kratom choices, Big Bear Kratom sells all of your familiar favorites. Their range stretches across the most popular kratom varieties and color veins to give you all of your go-to’s under one, trusted kratom roof. If you’re not too sure about which strain to get, or if you want to split your order into a number of strains, they offer variety packs, beginner’s packs, and split packs.

Once you reach the tail end of the transaction, you’ll find that Big Bear Kratom offers a number of convenient payment methods. Aside from the standard Interac e-transfer option, they also provide cash on delivery and cryptocurrency payment through CoinPayments.

Kratom Earth

Selling some of the cheapest kilos around town, Kratom Earth also provides buyers a wealth of choices to satisfy every need and discriminating taste. Their wide range of kratom picks extends well into extract territory, giving buyers options that include 30:1 potency extracts that can rattle even the most seasoned kratom veterans. If you like their kratom just that much, they also offer wholesale packages at mad low prices.

Upon payment, Kratom Earth gives you the option to via Interac e-transfer or via cryptocurrency. They essentially accept all major types of cryptocurrency, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not your specific altcoin will be accommodated. Plus, because they offer a Kratom Rewards program, you can expect to get way more than you pay for when you shop from their store.

Canada Kratom Store

Looking to expand your kratom horizons? The Canada Kratom Store offers one of the most extensive kratom selections you’re likely to find in Canada. Their store stocks all of the basics — whites, reds, and greens — and a few interesting choices like yellows and prime strains. And while their picks might be more exotic than the rest, the Canada Kratom Store sells their kratom products at impressively low prices.

They accept payments through Interac e-transfer or through cryptocurrency. What’s nice about paying with Bitcoin and altcoin is that the Canada Kratom Store gives a 10% discount for the specific payment method. And it’s not just a one time discount — you can enjoy 10% off of all of your future transactions as long as you choose their cryptocurrency payment option.

Benefits of Paying with Cryptocurrency

Of course, you’re probably really accustomed to paying for online transactions with credit or debit card. But there are a number of solid reasons why you might want to consider updating your payment preferences and switching to cryptocurrency instead.

  • Security – Unlike debit and credit card payments that require the transfer of sensitive information that could put your account at risk of a breach, cryptocurrency won’t put your data at risk. This means that you can be sure that your information won’t be stored in a centralized hub where it becomes susceptible to theft.
  • Low fees – Or no fees at all. Some vendors will charge up to a 5% processing fee to cover their costs for credit and debit card payments. With cryptocurrency though, you won’t have to worry about exorbitant, added charges.
  • Incentives – Some merchants actually prefer cryptocurrency over any other form of payment because it’s easy, instant, and secure. So they’ll incentivize the payment option by offering buyers discounts, freebies, and other exciting promotions to get them to choose crypto as their payment method.

The Future is Now

When cryptocurrency first broke onto the scene, people were skeptical about its safety and legitimacy. But today, Bitcoin and altcoin are as good as cash. So if you were hoping to use your digital currency to pay for your next kratom purchase, check out these vetted vendors that have taken on the cryptocurrency trend.

Buy kratom online in canada with cash on delivery payment option

Buy Kratom with Cash on Delivery in Canada

According to surveys, most people prefer paying for online purchases with credit and debit cards. After all, these methods provide the highest level of security and convenience compared to any other option. Unfortunately, however, most kratom vendors don’t really have these methods available. It’s not really because they want to make it hard on their customers but because banks make it hard on them. On the upside, kratom vendors are fighting back by offering various payment methods that maximize convenience and security. That’s why one of their most popular methods to date would have to be buying kratom with cash on delivery in Canada.

Pros and Cons of COD for Buying Kratom in Canada

As the name suggests, cash-on-delivery essentially lets you order the products now and pay for them upon delivery to your doorstep. That means you don’t have to shell out any money the moment you make the transaction. All you really need to do is to make sure that you’ll have the cash ready when the delivery arrives.

Obviously, there are some major benefits to buying kratom with COD as your payment option, and these include:

  • Convenience – Placing an order couldn’t be any easier with COD. Since there’s no need to make a payment online, you won’t have to worry about filling up forms and waiting for confirmation.
  • Shop now, pay later – Maybe you’re not expecting your cash to come in until tomorrow. That shouldn’t be a problem. Using COD gives you some time to prepare your payment without having to wait before you can place your order.
  • Product inspection – No need to worry about paying for a wrong or incomplete order. Before handing over your cash, you can inspect the package to find out whether the vendor got your order right.

Keep in mind though that there’s really no such thing as the perfect payment method. For all of the benefits that come along with paying in cash when the products arrive at your doorstep, there are some drawbacks, including:

  • No security – Unlike credit card payments that you can dispute and reverse, COD payments offer virtually zero security. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re buying from a reputable source with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Exact payments – Sometimes, a delivery man won’t have enough change if you’re paying with a large bill. This can be a bit of an inconvenience if you don’t have the exact amount for your purchase lying around.
  • Potential to get banned – Vendors take on risks by allowing buyers to pay on delivery. If you fail to receive your package and make payment when it’s delivered, you could be banned from making a purchase again.

Canadian Kratom Vendors That Accept COD

Since it is considered a potential risk, not a lot of Canadian kratom vendors offer cash on delivery as a payment method. However, there are a few trusted names out there that allow the option especially since credit and debit cards are generally unavailable to kratom buyers.

Big Bear Kratom

While they’re not out here offering exotic kratom varieties, Big Bear Kratom is known for its reliable, consistent products that provide the same results across batches. They offer reds, white, and greens, as well as variety packs that let you sample their selection before choosing which specific strains and color vein to stick with.

Although their most popular payment option is Interac e-transfer, they also provide cash-on-delivery to buyers located in Canada. They do this in order to cater to all of the different preferences they might encounter, and so that all of their customers can find a payment method that matches their situation despite the lack of credit and debit cards and PayPal.

Canada Kratom Express

Canada Kratom Express offers what is perhaps one of the more extensive kratom selections available on the market. Aside from the standard kratom strains and color veins, they also have blends, capsules, super strains, extracts, and combo packs that make them a solid choice for buyers who want to buy all of their kratom curiosities under one transaction.

Payment options for purchases made through Canada Kratom Express include Interac e-transfer and cash on delivery. And while their shopping rates might be slightly on the steep side, they sell some of the cheapest kratom kilograms around.

Over to You

While cash on delivery might not be the most popular payment method offered by kratom vendors, there are a select few that provide that opportunity. Offering unmatched convenience for consumers, COD payments for kratom purchases lets you enjoy the shop now and pay later experience even if it’s just a few days of lead time. But remember — it pays to be a responsible shopper. Have your cash at the ready for when your delivery arrives to avoid any issues with your chosen vendor.

How to Import Kratom Into Canada

How to Import Kratom Into Canada: Everything You Need to Know

Hot on the heels of the CBD awakening, kratom is yet another powerful herb shrouded in controversy. Used for centuries in Southeast Asian folk medicine, kratom has long been leveraged for its effects against discomfort — whether physical or otherwise.

But because research can’t keep up with commercial demand, authorities have ended up placing restrictions on kratom despite the overwhelming anecdotal evidence that supports its benefits. So if you were hoping to start a kratom business in Canada, it might help to consider the intricacies of importing your product.

The first and most obvious question to ask would be whether or not kratom is even legal in Canada? The convenient answer is yes. There are presently no laws or regulations that seek to control or prohibit the sale, use, and possession of kratom in the country, so vendors and buyers can freely transact. But there are some rules to abide by.

Although kratom itself isn’t banned or illegal, it’s not approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as a food product or supplement. That means that vendors have to be particularly careful when labeling their products.

In fact, labeling is almost the only reason that vendors face problems in Canada for kratom sales. Since kratom isn’t ye approved for human consumption, the Canadian government requires that vendors label their products to reflect that. Although it’s no secret that buyers still consume kratom orally, labeling the products simply demonstrates the vendor’s compliance with Canadian law.

How to Import Kratom into Canada

Kratom doesn’t grow naturally in Canada’s climate — it’s way too cold. As a tropical evergreen plant, kratom is endemic to the warm, sunny, and often humid conditions in Southeast Asia. It grows in copious amounts particularly in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea.

In most of these countries, kratom is incredibly common. And because it grows naturally without much intervention from farmers, people can get huge supplies of kratom in Southeast Asia at little to no cost. That’s also how suppliers based in countries where kratom naturally grows can price their products exceedingly low.

For Canadian kratom vendors, these ultra-low prices make native Southeast Asia-grown kratom an ideal choice to start a business. But will Canadian customs allow kratom shipments to enter the country from these eastern locations? Well, yes they would.

Even kratom shipments of large quantities aren’t seized at the borders of Canada, and that’s because there are no laws banning or prohibiting it. It’s as good as sending over a load of coffee — no one’s going to question kratom. However, it pays to remember that because kratom isn’t approved by the CFIA, labeling is incredibly important.

Here are some tips to make sure your kratom import doesn’t get delayed on its way to your headquarters:

  1. Tell your supplier to properly label all of the packages they’re sending. The statement ‘NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION’ should be readily visible on the package.
  2. Another thing to watch out for is medical claims. Anything that would indicate a medical use for kratom should be avoided. Although they probably already know it, tell your supplier to refrain from labeling the package as any sort of supplement or food.
  3. Try small batches. If it’s your first time buying a kratom supply from overseas, stick to just 10kg for your first shipment. As with most other countries, Canadian customs tend to get suspicious with exceedingly large or heavy packages. As you establish your reputation, then you can start ordering bigger bulk packages.
  4. Prepare your paperwork just in case. Of course, the chances of your package getting seized are pretty close to zero since kratom is legal in Canada. But just in case you trip some alarms, it helps to have your business documentation at the ready.
  5. Finally, always make sure you’re buying from a reputable source. There are loads of overseas vendors out there that can easily scam you and send bad products or total bunk. Just make sure you’re transacting with a reputable, trustworthy vendor that will actually come through with what you talked about.

Sending Kratom Products Outside of Canada

Is it possible to send your kratom products outside of Canada? The short answer is yes, you can. The beauty of running an online business is that you can cater to pretty much anyone from anywhere across the globe. So it’s not impossible to get orders, especially from buyers just south of the border.

But remember — while you might be able to ship products out of Canada with no issues, the locations receiving them might have different laws regulating the shipment of kratom.

Don’t expect to get in trouble though. If you’re shipping your product from a country that allows kratom (in this case, Canada), then you shouldn’t have to worry about being penalized for it. If authorities at the receiving end were to penalize anyone for violating kratom laws, it would be the recipient on the package.

Another thing to remember is that even if you’re shipping to places where kratom is legal, you will still have to indicate the proper labels. It’s a standard practice among kratom businesses to specifically label products as NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION to prevent any problems for customers.

The More You Know

Kratom is a big game in Canada, and the playing field is open to anyone and everyone. However just because the herb is legal, doesn’t mean you can take liberties with shipping and selling the stuff. The CFIA has yet to approve kratom for human consumption as either food or supplement, so proper labeling is key.

If you’re a business hoping to import kratom, or if you’re just a buyer looking to get lower prices for your next kratom haul, then shipping from overseas into Canada might be a smart way to save a pretty penny. Just make sure you consider proper labeling and follow our tips to ensure smooth sailing through Canadian customs.

Kratom Tisane french kratom tea

What is Kratom Tisane? Kratom Tea 101

Kratom has long been used in ancient civilizations for its properties that work to soothe various forms of discomfort. In areas where it grows endemic, locals take leaves directly from the Mitragyna speciosa plant and chew on them to experience the herb’s potent effects after a long day of work. While this method has proven effective for centuries, kratom is relatively new to western communities and so consumers might not have the same oral tolerance. That’s why people in the west have developed a variety of ways to enjoy kratom minus the bitter, offensive taste. And kratom tisane is one of them.

What is Kratom Tisane?

You might have read the term ‘kratom tisane’ floating around the internet during those long nights researching kratom and its effects. Kratom tisane is essentially another term for kratom tea. Tisane was once used to describe barley tea and takes its roots in the Greek language.

Tisane was then used in old French to describe medicinal teas. The use of the word was quite rare until the 20th century when it was reintroduced and subsequently accepted in English to mean herbal, medicinal tea, or infusion.

The Benefits of Kratom Tisane

For as beneficial as kratom might be, the taste and texture of raw leaves can make it difficult to consume as is. And if you thought tossing and washing kratom powder was a better alternative, downing a mouthful of dry, bitter powder can be even more taxing on the tastebuds. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Kratom tisane or tea is one of the easiest alternatives for people who want to experience the benefits of kratom but don’t have the oral tolerance to deal with its unmasked flavor profile. Kratom tea can be made at home in under five minutes and provides the opportunity for users to add in various other ingredients to improve the herb’s flavor profile.

If you’re new to kratom tisane, here are some of its most noteworthy benefits:

  • Easy to prepare – Sure, you could always make kratom tinctures or resin at home. But with time-consuming and often laborious procedures, these options aren’t really a choice for those who want a quick fix. Kratom tea is exceptionally easy to prepare, and entails nothing more than steeping your powder or crushed leaves for a few minutes.
  • Improved flavor – This is one of the main reasons why people make kratom tisane in the first place. Although the tea probably won’t be completely void of bitterness, you can add things like honey or sugar to improve its flavor. This makes your dose much easier to take if you’ve got a low tolerance for unpleasant tastes.
  • Simplified dosing – While tinctures might be more potent and convenient, there’s the issue of dosing. Because they come in such a concentrated form, tincture and resin doses can be tough to measure out. With tea, however, all you need to do is to add in your usual kratom powder dose to steep in warm water to get the same level of effects you typically enjoy.

How to Make Kratom Tisane

The process of making kratom tea can be pretty straightforward. But there are a few nuances that you might want to consider to make sure you’re getting the most alkaloids out of the powder or leaves you use. Improper preparation could actually degrade the plant’s chemistry and lead to a weaker brew.

Here’s what you’ll need to prepare kratom tisane:

  • Hot water
  • Kratom powder or leaves (your usual dose)
  • Strainer (optional)
  • Cup
  • Spoon
  • Sweetener, honey, or sugar (optional)

To make kratom tisane at home, here’s what you should do:

  1. Boil enough water for your tea. Generally, you’ll want to have between 200 and 250mL of water to prepare your kratom tisane.
  2. In a cup, add your usual dose of kratom powder or crushed leaves.
  3. Pour the hot (not boiling) water into the cup. Stir with a spoon to make sure all the leaves and powder are completely submerged.
  4. Leave the kratom to steep for between 3-5 minutes, depending on the heat of the water. The hotter your water, the shorter the steeping time.
  5. If you’re using leaves, it might be ideal to strain out the kratom. For a kratom powder tisane, you might be able to drink up even with the powder still in the cup. However, if you’ve got a low tolerance for the bitterness and texture of the powder, then you can strain it out as well.
  6. Add honey, sweetener, or sugar to taste. Stir well until completely dissolved.
  7. Make sure you drink the tea immediately after preparation.

Remember that the alkaloids in kratom can be pretty delicate. So to get the best results out of your tisane, see to it that you make a note of the following tips:

  • Do not use boiling water, and don’t add your leaves or powder to a boiling pot of water. Excess heat can damage and degrade the kratom’s alkaloids. A temperature of 160°F should be the ceiling for your tea.
  • Add in some citrus. Lemon or lime juice can help protect the alkaloids from heat damage. You can also try apple cider vinegar that works the same way.
  • You can add more water to combat bitterness. Don’t think that your tea will lose potency when you add too much water. As long as you drink every last drop, you will still get the same effects as your usual dose.
  • Avoid leaving the tea to sit for too long after brewing. Those alkaloids can only stick around for so long — even with citrus in the mix. Drink up the tea as soon as its cool enough to preserve its potency.

Sometimes, All You Need is a Cup of Tea

For the uninitiated, the bitter taste of kratom can be tough to swallow. Heck, even veteran kratom users can still have trouble downing that mouthful of bitterness. Fortunately, kratom tisane is pretty easy to make. Just see to it that you follow these tips to get the best results and to enjoy the same potent effects as you would with your usual dose and method.

e-transfer payment for kratom powder in Canada

Buy Kratom with E-Transfer in Canada

So, you’re looking online to buy kratom with e-transfer in Canada. Before you set out in search of the perfect strain and color vein, it’s important you know that payment options for buying kratom online in Canada might be limited. That’s mostly because banks aren’t too keen on handing out merchant accounts to high risk businesses — but that’s a discussion for a different time.

For now, you might want to know what payment options are available among kratom vendors. And today, the most prominent method of settling a transaction would be through e-transfers.

Kratom Vendors in Canada That Accept E-Transfer

There’s a lot of red tape that surrounds kratom not because of its legal status, but because of its perceived risk. Banks and other financial service providers are wary of offering their solutions to businesses that might cost them money, so kratom vendors are often left to figure out the intricacies of online payments on their own.

Presently, since most kratom vendors in Canada don’t have credit card payments or e-wallets at their disposal, most of them have opted to leverage e-transfers. Here are some of the most popular kratom vendors in Canada that accept e-transfer payments:

BC Kratom

Based in British Columbia, BC Kratom is one of the most prominent names in the Canadian kratom scene. They offer all of the basics and aim to provide buyers with no-frills kratom that just gets the job done. Their selection includes all of the familiar favorites from the reds, whites, and greens, and they also offer variety packs for buyers who want to sample their selection before committing to bulk purchase.

As of writing, BC Kratom only accepts Interac e-transfer as a payment option. This allows buyers to send in their payment through their bank account directly into BC Kratom’s bank account. And if payment protection was your concern, it helps to know that BC Kratom offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that promises to refund your payment if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

Big Bear Kratom

Another Canadian kratom juggernaut, Big Bear Kratom offers an extensive selection of kratom varieties that extend the horizons of most kratom connoisseurs. They’re big on the Maeng Da selection, and sell interesting choices to help you mix things up and expand your kratom user experience.

The tail end of their transaction allows buyers to pay through one of three different methods. The first, of course, would be Interac e-transfer which comes out as the most convenient option for those who want to be done with their payment in one go. They also provide cash-on-delivery for Canada-based consumers and for those interested in using crypto.

Canada Kratom Store

If you were looking for something a little more exotic than the usual kratom, then the Canada Kratom Store might have something to your liking. These guys sell reds, whites, and greens, but also toss in a few yellows to tap into your curiosity. For those wanting a more potent experience, Canada Kratom Store sells what they call Prime Kratom which is essentially kratom with a higher potency.

Payment options for Canada Kratom Store include Interac e-transfer and CoinPayments. And to make you feel just a little extra confident that they won’t rip you off, they offer a 30-day refund program that lets you get your payment back whether or not the product you purchased has already been opened.

The Pros and Cons of E-Transfer Payments

While credit and debit cards remain the ultimate payment method of choice for most online buyers, e-transfer payments aren’t all that shabby. In fact, there are a few reasons why you might prefer to buy kratom with e-transfer in Canada instead, including:

  • Easy – E-transfers are often performed through your banking app. This allows easy, effortless payments through an interface you’re probably already highly familiar with.
  • Instant – Just like credit and debit card payments, e-transfers are instant. Funds are taken from your account and sent to the merchant in real time, so they can validate your payment the moment it’s made and start preparing your package without a moment to lose.
  • Low fees – That goes for both you and your merchant. If your transferring between the same bank, then you might not have to pay any fees at all.

But then again, it’s not a perfect payment method. That said, there are a few downsides to paying for kratom with e-transfer, and these include:

  • Lack of security – Unlike credit and debit cards that protect your payment, e-transfers don’t come with any sort of security feature. That means that if you pay and end up not liking your product, the vendor could just leave with the money you spend.
  • Limitations – Not all banks allow e-transfers. For instance, with Interac, payments can only be made to and from banks participating in the Interac platform.
  • System maintenance – In case system maintenance is underway, then buyers won’t be able to issue payments until the process is completed. Some e-transfer facilities are also only available during certain hours of the day, limiting your ability to buy and pay whenever you want to.

Over to You

E-transfers might not be the payment method of choice for most consumers, but being the most widespread payment option offered by kratom vendors, it’s definitely not all that bad. All things considered, as long as you’re buying from a reputable source and you’re careful to deal with vendors that might not be too interested in your satisfaction, deciding to buy kratom with e-transfer in Canada shouldn’t be such a bad way to settle your payment.

is kratom legal in canada

Is Kratom Legal in Canada?

Although it’s not entirely clear how kratom managed to wiggle its way into the western world, some reports from the US-FDA reveal that the first recorded use of kratom was dated sometime in 2010. Since then, kratom has only become increasingly popular. In fact, some people might say it’s gaining on hemp as the ultimate alternative herbal remedy of the modern age. At the end of the day, all people really want to know is kratom legal in Canada?

Unfortunately for US citizens, some state governments don’t seem to be too welcoming of the kratom hype. With many jurisdictions placing a ban on kratom, the herb’s US patronage is lobbying hard to have the plant legalized nationwide. North of the border, however, Canadians seem to be taking the kratom controversy in stride.

Why is Kratom’s Legality in Question?

First things first — why is kratom’s legality even being debated? As a close relative of the coffee plant, you would think that kratom should be legal worldwide. But it’s really not that simple. For the most part, governments are most concerned about two compounds in the plant’s chemistry. These are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Studies have found that these compounds interact with opioid receptors in the brain, resulting to feelings of sedation and relaxation. In the same way, kratom allegedly has benefits that reduce discomfort — physical or otherwise. That’s why some people claim that kratom might be the solution to the opioid crisis.

Countless anecdotal reports from long-time kratom users state that the herb has helped resolve opioid addiction in hundreds if not thousands of sufferers. However, the scientific evidence to support these claims is very limited, which has led to governments ‘cracking down’ on the plant.

Presently, kratom isn’t approved for its medicinal benefits both in the United States and in Canada. Interestingly, it’s not even approved as a food or drink product in both countries. But then again, there are major differences in the way that Canada and the US have responded to the kratom boom.

Is Kratom Legal in Canada?

Just to set things straight — the federal government of the United States has not banned or prohibited kratom outright. However certain states have imposed their own regulations to control or ban kratom within their borders. The same can’t be said however for Canada… Is kratom legal in Canada?

The country doesn’t have any laws that prohibit the use, sale, possession, or purchase of kratom, and neither do any of its provinces or territories. So there are no nationwide restrictions on the movement of kratom goods. But there is a catch.

As previously mentioned, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has not approved kratom for human consumption. So if a Canadian kratom vendor were to ever have a run-in with authorities, it might be because of improper labeling.

Proper Labels for Kratom Products

For your kratom products to pass through Canada without issues, they have to be properly labeled. That means the products need to be identified properly with the statement ‘not for human consumption.’

Since the CFIA has yet to confirm whether kratom is actually safe for humans to eat or use as a supplement, it’s imperative the vendors make it clear that that’s not what their products are intended for — regardless of what form its in.

Well, but what about the buyers? Interestingly, the labeling concern for kratom is mostly a seller-end concern. Once you actually get your products sent to you (or if you buy them in-store), there’s really no one there to check whether or not you’ve actually consumed the products orally.

It’s an open secret that kratom is consumed by its buyers. But just for the sake of abiding by the law, vendors are required to label their products until kratom is finally approved by the CFIA.

Is It Legal to Use Kratom in Canada?

Well, yes, of course, it is. Again, there are no laws the specifically prohibit the use or sale of kratom in Canada. The only way the Canadian government interferes with kratom is with product labeling. What you do with the herb when you finally bring it home is entirely up to you.

Think about it this way. It’s totally legal to buy cardboard in Canada. Heck, you can buy as much cardboard as your money will allow. And while it’s generally accepted that you can’t eat cardboard and that it isn’t approved by the CFIA as a food product, that doesn’t really stop you from eating it in the comfort of your home.

Would the authorities come crashing through your door to tell you otherwise? Probably not. The same thing goes for kratom. What’s important is that you were warned. Whether or not you heed that warning (delivered through the product labels) is entirely up to you.

Can You Ship Kratom Across Canada?

Since there are no laws that prohibit kratom, it’s totally legal to ship the stuff across the country. However, larger shipments coming into the country can be a bit of an issue. The Canadian Boarder Services or Canada Customs do not like large shipments of kratom coming into the country. Often times, large kratom shipments are stopped and redirected back to Indonesia or the original shipping country. The FDA as well as Health Canada have notices on their websites warning about the consumption of kratom.

Health Canada and the Canadian Border Services want all kratom importers to have a government issued license in order to handle, store and sell kratom products. However at this time, there are no licenses available or even an application process. On the bright side, smaller packages containing kratom can easily pass thought customs without any issues.

Again, all you really need to make sure of is that the products are labeled. It doesn’t matter if the kratom isn’t presented as a supplement or a food item. Even if it’s just a bag of powder, the package must indicate the words ‘not for human consumption’ to guarantee easy, seamless transport throughout the country.

Do Canadian Drug Tests Detect Kratom?

Presently, the tests developed to detect kratom in a person’s system aren’t quite available just yet. While there are tests that can use urine, hair, or nail samples to determine whether a person has taken kratom, they’re not currently distributed quite as widely as other drug tests. The reason? Well, kratom isn’t a controlled substance.

In Canada, there is no reason for authorities to even use these limited kratom tests because there would be no purpose for it. Consumption of kratom isn’t illegal in Canada. The only thing they would seek to penalize would be the advertising of kratom products as food or supplements.

The Final Word

While things south of the border might be a little messy, Canadians enjoy relative freedom when it comes to the use and sale of kratom. Now to sum things up, is kratom legal in Canada? Yes it is. Of course, labeling is still a major concern. But as long as those requirements are met, then vendors and buyers can freely enjoy the benefits of kratom with zero limitations.

BC Kratom Website Changes

Hi there everyone! With the current hardships happening in our industry and our world, we here are BC Kratom have made some changes in the last few months. As we are always here for our customers as well as believe in being honest, we would like to inform you all as to what has changed, what is changing and how we are improving each and every day.

New Production Facilities

Over the last few months, we have moved our production facilities. Our kratom is not packed in a Food Grade Clean Room with HEPA air filtration system. With this new air sealed room, we can ensure that there are no airborne particles or possible contaminants that can interact with the kratom powders. Our staff now have cleaner, safer and more professional work areas within this room. All of the work stations are now stainless steel to allow for a cleaner and contaminant free areas for our products to be produced on.

New Product Supplier

Right now, kratom powder, in general, is becoming harder and harder to source. Canada Border security is now really putting a lot of effort into stopping all kratom products from entering our country. As a result, a lot of companies are struggling to maintain a fresh product supply.

Here at BC Kratom, we have always tried to source only the best, the freshest and the finest kratom powders available. We have decided to only focus on Premium A Grade kratom to stock our shelves from our premium kratom connection. Quality over quantity is our focus as you (our customers) only deserve the best.

We currently just received our first small order and have changed over all of our strains to the better grade kratom. From this point forward, you can expect us to only stock the best kratom in Canada.

Product Pricing Changes

Since we have now have upped all of our product quality from B-Grade kratom to A-Grade kratom, we can not continue selling our products at the old prices. Compared to January of this year, our wholesale prices have increased 3X in price. We can not move forward with the old pricing as we would be loosing money.

From the beginning, our company has always put our customers before profits. Our new supplier has suggested that we sell our Kilos at an MSRP over $200. We understand that in this time, such a jump in price may be hard for our customers. Our main priority will always be to serve our customers with the best products at a fair price. For the time being we will keep our prices as low as we can. The last thing we wanted to do was raise our prices in this crazy time, but if we do not, we would not be able to continue running our business.

We Are Here For You

As with any changes, we want you to know that we are here to answer any questions you may have. We will always be honest with you and keep you in the loop as per any changes we encounter along our journey together. Feel free to reach out to us either by email, phone or our contact form on the contact page. We are so blessed to have such amazing customers like you and we will keep fighting the fight to provide these amazing products for you all, for as long as we can. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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The Best Places to Buy Kratom Locally in Vancouver

In Canada, the ethnobotanical market does not have much awareness about Kratom and its uses in botanical and research areas. Basically, Kratom is comparatively a new product for Canadians. Therefore, to catch any native Kratom vendor is not as easy as buying something else in the market. Sourcing these products is quite different. Some companies offer great quality products in stores as well as online with the 100 percent money-back guarantee. Doing a little research shows that buying online is the best way to get quality products. Sometimes, you may not have the leisure to wait a few days for your products to arrive in the mail.

On the opposite spectrum, we have complied a list of The Best Places to Buy Kratom Locally in Vancouver. Nine times out of ten, you will be paying a ridiculous markup on the products. When you buy from a store, what you are really paying for is convenience. Such stores, who may have kratom for sale near you include:


The Puff chain of Vancouver is found in four different areas i.e. Downtown, Uptown, Eastside, and the Westside. The working hours of each store are different from one another but, the closing time of all the stores is about 7 pm on a daily basis. Additionally, as suggested by the name, Puff also serves as a good place in finding vaping and glassware supplies. These

four stores not only sell Kratom but are also known to have a strong reputation as well as sell high-quality products.

Urban Shaman Entheo Botanicals:

If puff locations are not approachable to purchase Kratom, you must try a Canadian vendor of Kratom – Urban Shaman on Hastings St. 307 W. It deals in selling Kratom, plants and herbs. The products and services of Urban Shaman are valued and preferred by customers. Based on the fact, every store has its own way of providing services. But, you will surely end up in buying a decent quality Kratom product. The opening hours of the store from Sunday to Thursday are from 10 am to 8 pm while on Fridays and Saturdays, it offers two additional hours of services i.e. from 10 am to 10 pm.

Sinn and Sativa:

One of the best places to buy Kratom of good quality strains is located in 931 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, British Columbia, V5L 3W8. It significantly carries a range of decent quality products. They strictly follow their timings, if you arrive at the store before 12, you will have to wait outside. But, you can find a variety of products in the form of leaves and powders at the shop. You can find Sinn and Sativa store location on google as well to help you with directions.

Where to Buy Kratom In Vancouver Conclusion

Although there a number of stores selling Kratom, the cost of the convenience is really high. Some stores charge up to $1 per gram for kratom powder. That means you could be paying $1000 per kilogram. No doubt, this could tie you over for a short period of time but how can anyone afford to continue buying on a regular basis?

Purchasing online from a Canadian store that provides its customers with high-quality products with a 100% satisfaction guarentee is always the safest and cost effective way to go. One of the stores that offers these quality products is BC Kratom.

I am sure you might be familiar with this Kratom brand and if not, you must know about it as it offers wide-ranging products of Kratom with super-fast service and to satisfy consumers’ needs as they are key valuable assets of any vendor. You can order multiple different strains from BC Kratom at any time you want. It provides you with a one-stop solution for a variety of Kratom products to buy at affordable price ranges. If you can plan ahead, ordering online from this vendor will be easier on your wallet and they have the quality reputation to stand behind their products, 100% of the time.