Buy Kratom with Cash on Delivery in Canada

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Buy kratom online in canada with cash on delivery payment option

According to surveys, most people prefer paying for online purchases with credit and debit cards. After all, these methods provide the highest level of security and convenience compared to any other option. Unfortunately, however, most kratom vendors don’t really have these methods available. It’s not really because they want to make it hard on their customers but because banks make it hard on them. On the upside, kratom vendors are fighting back by offering various payment methods that maximize convenience and security. That’s why one of their most popular methods to date would have to be buying kratom with cash on delivery in Canada.

Pros and Cons of COD for Buying Kratom in Canada

As the name suggests, cash-on-delivery essentially lets you order the products now and pay for them upon delivery to your doorstep. That means you don’t have to shell out any money the moment you make the transaction. All you really need to do is to make sure that you’ll have the cash ready when the delivery arrives.

Obviously, there are some major benefits to buying kratom with COD as your payment option, and these include:

  • Convenience – Placing an order couldn’t be any easier with COD. Since there’s no need to make a payment online, you won’t have to worry about filling up forms and waiting for confirmation.
  • Shop now, pay later – Maybe you’re not expecting your cash to come in until tomorrow. That shouldn’t be a problem. Using COD gives you some time to prepare your payment without having to wait before you can place your order.
  • Product inspection – No need to worry about paying for a wrong or incomplete order. Before handing over your cash, you can inspect the package to find out whether the vendor got your order right.

Keep in mind though that there’s really no such thing as the perfect payment method. For all of the benefits that come along with paying in cash when the products arrive at your doorstep, there are some drawbacks, including:

  • No security – Unlike credit card payments that you can dispute and reverse, COD payments offer virtually zero security. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re buying from a reputable source with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Exact payments – Sometimes, a delivery man won’t have enough change if you’re paying with a large bill. This can be a bit of an inconvenience if you don’t have the exact amount for your purchase lying around.
  • Potential to get banned – Vendors take on risks by allowing buyers to pay on delivery. If you fail to receive your package and make payment when it’s delivered, you could be banned from making a purchase again.

Canadian Kratom Vendors That Accept COD

Since it is considered a potential risk, not a lot of Canadian kratom vendors offer cash on delivery as a payment method. However, there are a few trusted names out there that allow the option especially since credit and debit cards are generally unavailable to kratom buyers.

Big Bear Kratom

While they’re not out here offering exotic kratom varieties, Big Bear Kratom is known for its reliable, consistent products that provide the same results across batches. They offer reds, white, and greens, as well as variety packs that let you sample their selection before choosing which specific strains and color vein to stick with.

Although their most popular payment option is Interac e-transfer, they also provide cash-on-delivery to buyers located in Canada. They do this in order to cater to all of the different preferences they might encounter, and so that all of their customers can find a payment method that matches their situation despite the lack of credit and debit cards and PayPal.

Canada Kratom Express

Canada Kratom Express offers what is perhaps one of the more extensive kratom selections available on the market. Aside from the standard kratom strains and color veins, they also have blends, capsules, super strains, extracts, and combo packs that make them a solid choice for buyers who want to buy all of their kratom curiosities under one transaction.

Payment options for purchases made through Canada Kratom Express include Interac e-transfer and cash on delivery. And while their shopping rates might be slightly on the steep side, they sell some of the cheapest kratom kilograms around.

Over to You

While cash on delivery might not be the most popular payment method offered by kratom vendors, there are a select few that provide that opportunity. Offering unmatched convenience for consumers, COD payments for kratom purchases lets you enjoy the shop now and pay later experience even if it’s just a few days of lead time. But remember — it pays to be a responsible shopper. Have your cash at the ready for when your delivery arrives to avoid any issues with your chosen vendor.

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