Best Places to Buy Kratom Locally in Montreal

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Where to buy kratom locally in Montreal

Despite being one of the largest, most progressive cities in the province of Quebec, it’s still tough to buy kratom locally in Montreal. But that’s not really the city’s fault. Kratom vendors in Canada tend to shy away from traditional methods of advertising since the product is so controversial. So buyers who want to replenish their kratom stash might have trouble finding speciosa if they don’t know where to look for it.

However, despite the challenge of finding good kratom, it definitely does exist in the city. Wondering where to find it? Here are four vetted kratom vendors that offer their top-shelf speciosa to buyers in Montreal.

My Kratom Canada

Based in Quebec, My Kratom Canada takes the place of a standard kratom vendor for buyers who need a regular kratom fix. Their no-nonesense lineup includes just four choices — green, white, red, and their own signature blend. This allows buyers to streamline the buying process and keep things simple.

In terms of weights, My Kratom Canada keeps it ever simplified. All of their kratom choices are available in sizes of 250g or 1000g. if you’re not quite sure which one to get, they offer a sampler pack that gives you all four choices in separate 15g packets. They also sell a four-way split kilogram that gives you all four varieties in 250g bags. This reduces the price of the kilo as opposed to buying them all separately.

Finally, they offer a 4kg bundle that reduces the price of each kilogram even further. But hey, even without having to purchase their bulk deals, their 250g packets are fairly affordable, costing much less than kratom sold through other vendors.

The Fun Guys

If you guessed that this vendor specialized in mushrooms, then you’d be correct. Offering an interesting selection of hemp, cannabis, CBD, mushrooms, and other botanicals that fall in similar categories, The Fun Guys also sells a limited selection of kratom.

Now, when we say limited, we mean one or two strains. But despite the lack of variety, they guarantee that their stuff comes straight from the source. To guarantee the freshness, purity, and potency of their speciosa, they impose strict standards for quality that they carefully implement before stocking their shelves.

That means all of their products are carefully evaluated before being sold to the public. Anything that doesn’t make the cut isn’t offered through their website. That’s also why they have such a limited selection of kratom since a lot of the supplies they find don’t meet their own standards.


There’s a lot you can find through the Kratomind inventory. Offering a whole range of botanicals like cat’s whiskers, cogon grass root, and aceh gayo, these guys provide buyers from Montreal with an extensive list of nutraceuticals, herbs, and natural remedies to soothe and relieve all sorts of aches and issues.

But while their botanicals are definitely eye popping, their kratom choices are the star of the show. Kratomind gets their kratom supply from partner farmers located in Indonesia, and that’s what allows them to guarantee the quality of their speciosa. All of their kratom is meticulously assessed to ensure that they meet quality standards.

Prices for their kratom products are just within reach — neither too expensive nor dirt cheap. But to help you spend even less on your purchase, Kratomind offers coupon codes and discounts to buyers who sign up for their newsletter.

Kratom Sensation

If you’re interested in affordable kratom that you can rely on for consistency, Kratom Sensation could be the solution. Their range of kratom choices includes all of your favorites, making them a solid choice for buyers who want a vendor they can rely on to replenish their kratom stash with speciosa that’s consistent and reliable.

What’s especially enticing about Kratom Sensation’s line-up is that they also sell rarities like Riau and Sumatra which aren’t too common on the Canadian kratom scene. Sizes for their kratom packets start at 35g which they consider a sample pack, all the way up to 500g which is the largest amount they offer.

In terms of their prices, Kratom Sensation definitely isn’t a budget brand. But even then, they offer a 15% discount to first-time buyers who sign up for their newsletter. Repeat customers can stand the chance to receive discount codes and coupons that they can use to get big price cuts on regular-priced items.

Best Kratom Vendor in Montreal

Sure, it might not be that easy to find a reputable kratom vendor when looking to buy kratom locally in Montreal, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. The next time you find yourself in the position of having to replenish your kratom stash, see to it that you give these guys a virtual visit. Not only do they offer quality herbs, they’ve also got great deals, discounts, and prices for loyal buyers.

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