Best Kratom Vendors According To Reddit

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When it comes to reviews, Reddit is often the place people go to. It’s popular for many, not just because of the anonymity but also because of the multi-dimensional responses. You get views and opinions that are either solidly reasonable… Or so subjective it borders on being too personal to a fault. Still, that doesn’t stop us from giving you the list of the best kratom vendors, according to Reddit! Note that Redditors rated these on how good an experience they had with the company’s products.

Best Kratom Vendors According to Reddit: Nova Kratom

If you look for the best kratom vendors, according to Reddit, Nova Kratom will always pop up. Many aren’t even surprised to see the name. So why do Redditors like it:

  • 20% discount
  • Excellent quality to price matching
  • FREE shipping
  • Fresh products
  • Potent botanicals

Popular strains from Nova Kratom are the Red Maeng Da, Yellow Sunda, Red Bali, and White Elephant.

Recently, the company has been getting some bad press. There are those who back up the company and say they’re still getting quality kratom. But still, some are saying they don’t get value for their money.

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Golden Monk

This is one of the icons in the industry. As one of the best kratom vendors, according to Reddit, Golden Monk offers the best deals. Especially when you’re into ordering in bulk for your research. Why do people like them?

  • Best deals for kratom powders and capsules
  • Cheap pricing
  • Detailed lab reports
  • Great customer service
  • Fast delivery

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Happy Hippo Herbals

If you want to go to a happy place to order your kratom, this is it. You’ll get a barrage of pink on the Happy Hippo website. It’s like a preview of the experience you’ll have when you do business with them. Once you see their website, it’s a challenge to forget that smiling pink hippo. But aside from the very colorful advertising, here’s why people love them:

  • Potent botanicals
  • Free samples
  • Newbie friendly
  • Fast shipping
  • Weekly coupons
  • Excellent kratom selection

Here’s what we mean by newbie-friendly. There’s a section that offers kratom in small quantities. You even have options for measuring and preparing kratom. Mind you this site is in the US. If you’re ordering from Canada, make sure to know the legalities of kratom use in research and development.

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Best Kratom Vendors According to Reddit: Mitra Mike Kratom

Extracts is the name of the game for Mitra Mike. Unlike the previously mentioned vendors, Mitra Mike doesn’t have a website. It’s a family-owned business where there are actual people behind the business taking your order. Not staff. It’s either Mike or a family member who takes care of the order. Here are the reasons why many are so in love with the brand.

  • Super responsive team
  • Knows his stuff
  • Fresh botanicals
  • Potent extracts

If you’re used to ordering through websites, this is going to be a touch challenging. You have to message him directly on Reddit to get your order through. If there are a lot of orders coming in, there’s a chance that it may take days for Mike to respond. But when he responds, you know your order will be taken care of from then on.

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Kraken Kratom

Some people say this is the most established vendor, by far the oldest even. Bast on Portland, Oregon, their mission is to give you the highest quality kratom products. Consistency and adherence to rigorous standards is the name of the game. They’ve been in business for more than 15 years and became the leader in the kratom industry in 2014. What’s the secret behind their success?

  • 15 strains to choose from
  • Variety of products, from extracts, capsules, and leaf powder
  • Quality customer service
  • Extensive experience in the industry
  • Potent extracts

They did come a long way from the negative reviews they got years ago. It’s good to see the industry evolving regarding product and customer satisfaction.

Best Kratom Vendors According To Reddit Conclusion

Reddit can be a rabbit’s hole of information. There are so many opinions and experiences that you need to go through and filter. Still, these stores seem pretty much legit. The good thing is, you’ll also know the good and the bad side of these companies.

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Alternatives to the Best Kratom Vendors According to Reddit

When you check these out, know that most of these are US vendors. If you’re looking for Canadian vendors, we recommend you try Golden Monk. They’ve already established their name in the country and are more than capable of handling your order.

Another is Kratom Genie. 20 years in the industry, they offer fresh, research-quality botanicals at competitive pricing. They also have 15 leaf varieties to choose from, which you can get in individual packets or in bulk.

Kratom King Canada is also an option. Their selection is not as extensive, but they did get a 4.4 rating on Google. What’s interesting is that you can text your order concern to them and get your answers between 9am-3pm PST Monday-Friday.

Getting kratom for research and development is no joke. It’s not a walk in the park, either. Hopefully, these best kratom vendors, according to Reddit, will be helpful in your goals. Remember: practice due diligence and look for legalities on ordering kratom, whether in the US or Canada.

Which one of these companies got your interest? How do you think they’ll be able to support your research? Let us know in the comment section!

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