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Hi there everyone! With the current hardships happening in our industry and our world, we here are BC Kratom have made some changes in the last few months. As we are always here for our customers as well as believe in being honest, we would like to inform you all as to what has changed, what is changing and how we are improving each and every day.

New Production Facilities

Over the last few months, we have moved our production facilities. Our kratom is not packed in a Food Grade Clean Room with HEPA air filtration system. With this new air sealed room, we can ensure that there are no airborne particles or possible contaminants that can interact with the kratom powders. Our staff now have cleaner, safer and more professional work areas within this room. All of the work stations are now stainless steel to allow for a cleaner and contaminant free areas for our products to be produced on.

New Product Supplier

Right now, kratom powder, in general, is becoming harder and harder to source. Canada Border security is now really putting a lot of effort into stopping all kratom products from entering our country. As a result, a lot of companies are struggling to maintain a fresh product supply.

Here at BC Kratom, we have always tried to source only the best, the freshest and the finest kratom powders available. We have decided to only focus on Premium A Grade kratom to stock our shelves from our premium kratom connection. Quality over quantity is our focus as you (our customers) only deserve the best.

We currently just received our first small order and have changed over all of our strains to the better grade kratom. From this point forward, you can expect us to only stock the best kratom in Canada.

Product Pricing Changes

Since we have now have upped all of our product quality from B-Grade kratom to A-Grade kratom, we can not continue selling our products at the old prices. Compared to January of this year, our wholesale prices have increased 3X in price. We can not move forward with the old pricing as we would be loosing money.

From the beginning, our company has always put our customers before profits. Our new supplier has suggested that we sell our Kilos at an MSRP over $200. We understand that in this time, such a jump in price may be hard for our customers. Our main priority will always be to serve our customers with the best products at a fair price. For the time being we will keep our prices as low as we can. The last thing we wanted to do was raise our prices in this crazy time, but if we do not, we would not be able to continue running our business.

We Are Here For You

As with any changes, we want you to know that we are here to answer any questions you may have. We will always be honest with you and keep you in the loop as per any changes we encounter along our journey together. Feel free to reach out to us either by email, phone or our contact form on the contact page. We are so blessed to have such amazing customers like you and we will keep fighting the fight to provide these amazing products for you all, for as long as we can. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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