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When you’re looking for a straightforward company for your Kratom research, it will be easy to find a few. Our North Organix review investigates the simplicity of the website and what you should expect. This way, you know what you’re in for when you decide to work with them for your research. Located in Ontario, Canada, the store provides 100% organic natural products delivered with expedited shipping. More details about these are below.

Northern Organix Review: What is the Company About?

Northern Organix prides itself as “your #1 source of bulk herbs, soaps, and premium quality kratom.”

What are the Kratom Products That I Can Buy?

Here are the kratom strains that Northern Organix offers.

  • White Elephant ($21.62-$155.02 / 50g-1kg)
  • White Horn ($16.50-$160.00 / 50g-1kg)
  • Yellow Maeng Da ($36.50-$155.02 / 100g-1kg)
  • Yellow Kasognan ($23.50-$155.02 / 50g-1kg)
  • White Maeng Da ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Green Malay ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Green Maeng Da ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Green Northern ($16.50)was out of stock when this blog was written.
  • Green Horn ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Red Horn ($36.50-$155.02 / 100g-1kg)
  • Red Bali ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Red Maeng Da ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)
  • Bali Gold ($23.50-$168.50 / 50g-1kg)

North Organix sources its kratom products from the lush, fertile rainforests in Southern Asia. All are 100% organic and claimed to be tested. However, there are no notes that indicate testing results.

If you prefer to order kratom in packs or in bulk, Northern Organics can help you. So far, when we looked, here are their variety packs:

  • 100g Sampler Pack ($39.50) – ideal to see if Northern Organix will work for you. Choice of 4 strains at 25g each.
  • 300g medium sampler pack ($74.50) – 3 strains of your choice at 100g each.
  • 500g split ($104.50) – 250g each of 2 strains of your choice.
  • 1kg Vaccum sealed pack ($165.00) – 1 strain of your choice.
  • 1kg variety pack ($168.50) – 4 strains of your liking at 250g each.
  • 2kg Variety Pack ($308.50) – 4 strains of your choice at 500g each.
  • 3kg Variety Pack ($440.00) – choice of 6 strains at 500g each.

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What Other Products Can I Order?

Northern Organix also offers kratom soaps. They have the Kratom Citrus Soap and Kratom Lavender Soap. They’re each sold for $7.75, although at the time of this blog’s publishing, the soaps are currently out of stock.

These soaps come in blocks and are packed in resealable bags. There’s no information on the ingredients used as well. Northern Organix warns that the soaps are for ornamental use only and have not been approved by Health Canada for human use.

Does Northern Organix Have a Shop I can go to?

According to the website, Northern Organix doesn’t do offline sales or in-person pickups. So, for now, it’s best to order through their website. Yes, that also means phone-in orders aren’t allowed.

How do I pay?

Once you check out your order, you have the option of choosing between these three payment options:

  • Interac e-Transfer
  • Bitcoin

Northern Organix will give you instructions on how to process your payment on checkout. A word of caution when using cryptocurrency payments. Make sure you use the right address and match the proper coin to the appropriate address. If you’re new to cryptocurrency, it’s best to study it well before using it. Because once you send your payment to the wrong address, it’s gone.

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What’s the Shipping and Returns Policy?

Northern Organix ships your order from Ontario via Canada Post and Purolator. All orders are sent in plain, discreet packaging without any company name or product.

Usually, they process and ship within 24 hours for orders placed before 2:00 PM EST, Monday-Friday. However, how fast your orders will get to you depends on your location. If you’re near or within Ontario, you’re in luck. If you live farther away, then you’ll have to wait until the courier successfully delivers your item.

But just in case you’re wondering, here’s the standard delivery times:

  • Ontario – Expedited: 1-4 business days / Xpress Post: 1-2 days
  • Outside of province – Expedited: 2-6 business days; Xpress Post: 2-5 days.

These shipping times can vary depending on peak seasons.

Northern Organix Review: Pros and Cons

What’s the good and the bad with Northern Organics?

The good side is that the shop is easy to navigate. You have flexibility when it comes to the size of your order. You can order in single packs or go for a variety of packs depending on your research needs. Prices already include tax, so do you won’t get an unpleasant surprise on your checkout.

Although the collection of kratom veins is decent, it does feel lacking. It’s similar to True North Kratom that only has a few veins available. If you want more selection, then you might want to look at the Canada Kratom Store.

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Northern Organix Review from Customers

Regrettably, there aren’t enough Northern Organix reviews to give a solid feedback. If you look at their Google business site, they only have about 3 reviews. All of them dated 3 years ago.

One review that stood out was from a customer who said the service and products are excellent. If there was a problem with the order, the company reached out to him within hours instead of days.

Aside from that, there are no other reviews worth mentioning.

Should I Buy from Northern Organix?

There’s not enough data for us to recommend buying at Northern Organix 100%. Not only is the selection limited, there’s no proof that it’s lab tested. There are also not enough reviews to back their claim that they’re “the best in the north.”

Northern Organix Review: Conclusion

When you decide to do business with Northern Organix, practice due diligence. Since they say that their kratom is lab tested, then ask for the results. A company who’s transparent is one that you could trust with your research. Reviews are subjective, but lab tests are numbers you can rely on.

If the results match your goals, why not? But if you can’t get a solid proof about the quality of botanicals they offer, then you’re free to look at other options.

Have you tried Northern Organix? Let us know how they supported your research in our comment section!

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